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Catching Snowflakes 2021

Stacie Sholer

Catching Snowflakes
A fundraiser to support the Bob Bové Neuroscience Institute at HonorHealth

In January of 2021, Stacie Sholer was with friends driving an off-road vehicle in the Arizona desert when tragedy struck. Even though she was wearing a helmet and belted in, Stacie suffered a broken back when the vehicle crashed after she lost control.

Fortunately Stacie wasn't paralyzed, but she spent the next five days in the hospital stabilizing from the initial shock and damage to her body. Then, she was fitted for a back brace and transported to HonorHealth to begin her rehab, where she stayed for another week.

"My experience at HonorHealth cracked me open emotionally in ways I wasn’t expecting," said Stacie. "I had never been in such a painful, vulnerable scenario before. I’m an independent woman and during that time of my life I was at the mercy of the amazing, compassionate, kind, generous and knowledgeable staff.

"My care team supported me in every way possible. They listened to my mental health needs, my emotional needs in addition to helping me through three hours of therapy a day. I received both physical and occupational therapy each day. The care I experienced at HonorHealth was exceptional. My therapists cared deeply for me. And because of COVID, I wasn’t allowed family or friends to visit me, so the staff became my new family."

It was during her rehab therapy at HonorHealth that a chance encounter with snowflakes would lead to the creation of a fundraiser to help other people undergoing treatment at the Bob Bove Neuroscience Institute.

"Meditation has always been a key to my stability," added Stacie. "And being in such pain made it hard sometimes to sit in a mindful meditation practice. My therapists would help with breathing exercises I could do to get back into my body. They walked with me outside so I could connect with nature. One day, I noticed the gym at the hospital was covered in cut-out snowflakes that the therapists made. I told my therapist that I wanted to create a snowflake while I was in rehab.

"They brought me all the supplies I needed to make my own snowflake. It was a small step in taking back my independence and stepping back into my own creative self. The snowflakes now hang in my home office as a reminder of the incredible care I received from HonorHealth.

"Once I was discharged my family, neighbors, and friends became my care team and I am so grateful for every one of them. Over the next few weeks, I started to process the whole experience I had been through and realized how lucky I am to be alive and how fortunate I am that HonorHealth helped me during my recovery. Now its time to give back.

"Therefore, Catching Snowflakes was created. My intention is to raise support for the Bob Bove Neuroscience Institute's Neuro Wellness program."

Learn more about the Bob Bové Neuroscience Institute at HonorHealth, and support Catching Snowflakes with a donation using the form below.

Please see the "Overview" tab for the donation form to support Catching Snowflakes, benefiting the Bob Bové Neuroscience Institute at HonorHealth.

Please see the "Overview" tab for the donation form to support Catching Snowflakes, benefiting the Bob Bové Neuroscience Institute at HonorHealth.