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HonorHealth Foundation Board of Trustees

As the philanthropic division of a local, community not-for-profit healthcare system, HonorHealth Foundation benefits from the generosity and leadership of local philanthropists. This gives us the ability to respond quickly to healthcare needs and challenges in ways that best serve our patients and community. 

We are grateful for the talent and experience gifted to us through the HonorHealth Foundation Board of Trustees.

HonorHealth Foundation board member portal access (link opens in new window): Boardvantage
For assistance with login, please contact the Foundation: 480-587-5000

2021-22 Trustees

David J. Watson, Chair
Laurie A. Florkiewicz, Vice Chair
James M. Reed, Treasurer
Judith G. Wolf, PhD, Secretary

Timothy W. Barton
Steven B. Crystal
Richard R. Donnelley
Carter Emerson
Curt R. Feuer
Lillie S. Fletcher
Edward K. Gaylord
Rodney Glassman
James Graber
Michael D. Greenbaum
Howard C. Katz
C. Dennis Knight
Robert J. Lavinia
John C. Lucking
Frederick A. Lynn
Cheryl R. Melocik
Alison McAdam
Eliot A. Minsker
Shaheen Neil
Michael G. Nicholas
Stephen J. O'Neill
John W. (Bill) Pihl
Nancy O. Robertson
Richard G. Russell
Jeffrey G. Schlein
Jerre L. Stead
Mary Joy Stead
Robert H. Tomlinson
Sally Tryhus
Kevin S. Veale