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HonorHealth Forensic Nurse Examiners program

Addressing the issues that no one likes to talk about

Pam was strangled by her boyfriend until she was unconscious. Jennifer was grabbed during her morning run, pulled behind a bush and sexually assaulted. Theresa, a 15-year-old homeless runaway, was beaten by her pimp.

Every day, HonorHealth’s specially trained Forensic Nurse Examiners compassionately serve patients like Pam, Jennifer and Theresa, and many others like them, who are victims of sexual assault, sex trafficking, domestic violence, strangulation, physical assault or abuse. 

The expertise required to meet the needs of these patients requires far more than clinical skill. As they treat the patient, these nurses collect evidence to aid future legal action. Their success makes our community safer for all.

Philanthropic gifts ensure that HonorHealth nurses are prepared to meet the unique needs of these patients.

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