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HonorHealth Military Partnership

This unique program helps more soldiers make it home while ensuring disaster preparedness for our community. The HonorHealth Military Partnership is an advanced training program for military and first-responder medical personnel.

HonorHealth is the only community-based hospital system in the nation to provide the realistic, high-quality trauma medical training that military personnel need. This hands-on patient care training is provided at no charge to the military for surgeons, nurses, medics and other personnel who serve in the armed forces.

In addition to preparing our nation’s military medical personnel, the Military Partnership builds relationships and coordinated approaches with government agencies, military branches, police departments and others that are essential in disaster response situations.

This program is primarily funded through support from friends like you. Make a difference for our military and for our community with a gift to the HonorHealth Military Partnership.

Give with confidence. When you make a donation to HonorHealth Foundation, 100 percent of your gift to goes to the cause you choose!