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Gifts from the Heart Create the Dalton and Elaine Knauss Family Heart Lab

Dalton and Elaine Knauss’ support of HonorHealth has been steady, strong and ongoing. Thanks to one of their latest contributions, the heart beats of thousands of patients will have the same characteristics.

The couple personally funded advanced technology and the renovation of a new interventional cardiology lab at HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center. The resulting Dalton and Elaine Knauss Family Heart Lab is a state-of-the-art facility for treating abnormal heart rhythms.

“We have such admiration for HonorHealth’s heart experts. But just like carpenters need tools, they need a specialized lab to do what they do,” says Dalton, explaining the recent gift. “It’s such a joy to give to help people,” adds his wife Elaine.

The couple has generously supported what is now HonorHealth since 1998. Thanks to their contribution to create the Dalton and Elaine Knauss Family Heart Lab, patients will be treated by top physicians using the latest techniques and medical equipment—making it possible for them to return to playing golf or with their grandchildren, go back to work, raise families, take vacations and simply enjoy life.

“Over the years, the Knauss’ support has enabled HonorHealth to provide the highest-caliber care to our patients afflicted with heart and vascular disease. Their generosity has allowed HonorHealth physicians to successfully perform the most-advanced minimally invasive procedures, significantly improving patients’ quality of life,” says HonorHealth Chief Scientific Officer and Director of Structural and Coronary Interventions David Rizik, MD. An interventional cardiologist, Dr. Rizik and his team have cared for the Knauss family for years.

“The Knauss’ are exceptional individuals. We are so grateful for their support and the difference they continue to make for heart patients, their families and our community,” added Dr. Rizik.