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HAS Excellence in Nursing Education Endowment Scholarship Fund

Helen Ann ShainHelen Ann Shain left an impression on everyone she touched, even after her passing from cancer in 2018. As an HonorHealth nurse for 35 years, her passion, excellence and enthusiasm for her role at the hospital, and in the world, was well-known. It is also the reason her husband, Steve, conceived the Helen Ann Shain (HAS) Excellence in Nursing Education Endowment Scholarship Fund.

“Helen was a surgical nurse for years and could really ‘do it all.’  When she went to work in the ICU, she expanded her nursing knowledge to trauma and neuro critical care as well,” noted friend and co-worker Kathi Zarubi, vice president and chief nursing officer at HonorHealth. “Helen could start an IV on a ROCK and she could manage to care for the most challenging patients with the same humanity that she extended everyone.” 

Helen passed away on October 29, 2018, after losing her third battle with breast cancer. Her husband Steve, along with many friends and coworkers, wanted Helen’s pursuit of excellence in nursing and education to live on in perpetuity.

Together, they created the HAS Excellence in Nursing Education Endowment Scholarship Fund to ensure all nurses have the opportunity for quality, continuing education; something Helen always pursued as a “life-long learner."

In fact, because of her dedication to always giving her best, Helen worked hard and enthusiastically to ensure the prestigious MAGNET® certification at HonorHealth's hospitals was achieved. Magnet-recognized organizations are seen as leaders in the reformation of healthcare, the discipline of nursing, and for their care of the patient, family and community.

Helen’s memory and commitment to excellence in nursing lives on through this scholarship, and now, nurses throughout HonorHealth have another opportunity to engage in continuing education.