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A Testament to Exceptional, Local Emergency Care

Marilyn Bechtold has a soft spot in her heart for HonorHealth Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center. After all, she’s alive today because of the hospital’s expert care, along with the dedication of Scottsdale Fire Department paramedics.

“I’m so lucky that Thompson Peak Medical Center was closest and I was taken there,” says Marilyn, who suffered a massive cardiac arrest in early 2018.

The first responders shocked her heart multiple times while en route to the hospital’s Emergency Department. Once there, a medical team led by Charles “Chip” Finch, DO, did everything possible to save Marilyn before ultimately declaring her dead.

Or so they thought. Five minutes later, Annie Davis, RN noticed that Marilyn was breathing. After miraculously experiencing what is known as “return of spontaneous circulation,” Marilyn received both a pacemaker and a defibrillator. She spent three weeks at Thompson Peak Medical Center, an additional two weeks at a rehabilitation hospital, and completed an HonorHealth cardiac rehabilitation program.

“Everyone at Thompson Peak Medical Center was not only professional but so caring and wonderful. The cardiologist held my hand every morning and explained what was going on. Now he’s also my husband’s cardiologist!” says Marilyn.

Completely recovered and back to working from home as an executive coach and career consultant, she recalls that a dear friend, the Catholic archbishop of Santa Fe, visited her in the hospital. He told her that God wasn’t ready for her.

“My reply was that I wasn’t ready to see God either, I’m too young to meet God!” says Marilyn. “When I think back, it’s unbelievable,” she adds. “I am so grateful for Thompson Peak Medical Center and all the compassionate people there who cared for me.”