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Greatest Needs FundImpact Report | Greatest Needs Fund

Your gift meets healthcare needs in real time

Your gift to the Greatest Needs Fund allows healthcare experts to identify HonorHealth’s most important needs. They direct the funds where they can do the most good and meet the needs of patients and staff that otherwise may go unfulfilled.

YOU are supporting both our healthcare heroes and their patients in the most meaningful way.

And for that, we thank you!


Download the Greatest Needs Fund Impact Report (PDF format)
Greatest Needs Fund Impact Report 

Todd LaPorte

“Your generosity allows HonorHealth to invest in ideas that accelerate the impact we have on the patients we serve.

I am incredibly grateful that you believe in our mission and give from the heart to help us advance the health and well-being of our community.”

CEO, HonorHealth


Xenex robotThe need is all around us

Your generosity in supporting the Greatest Needs Fund is inspiring — especially considering that 100 percent of every gift directly benefits patients, families and staff. It provides hope, healing and the highest-quality care possible!

Your gift benefits lifesaving programs and research as well as workforce development and innovation that may not be funded without your compassion and generosity. You are helping us make a digital transformation that improves the patient experience, so they are better informed, empowered and comforted — including protection that emerges from the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

And because of you, we’re investing in tools and processes to identify the social determinants of health that impact our patients’ well-being.

The list is endless!

Exponential Impact!

Every patient’s experience with HonorHealth is enhanced because of philanthropy. Here are a few ways the generosity of donors, like you, touches the lives of our patients and staff:

  • Accelerated impacts in the development of bone marrow transplants and bariatric programs throughout our system
  • Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedures for heart care adopted sooner than expected
  • HonorHealth was the first hospital in Arizona to perform revolutionary, minimally invasive heart and lung surgery with DaVinci robots
  • A fleet of more than 30 germ-zapping robots that use high-intensity ultraviolet light to disinfect a patient room in just minutes. Made entirely possible by the generosity of donors!

Rapid growth brings new opportunities

Maricopa County is the second-fastest growing region in the country. This requires a strategic focus on expansion to serve the growing patient population; attracting and retaining talent; and adopting new processes and technologies

  • With the opening of our sixth medical center, HonorHealth continues to grow in size and complexity and is now the second-largest healthcare system by market share in Maricopa County
  • Our network footprint includes system-owned medical groups with more than one million visits in 2022; 13,000 total employees work in our hospitals, surgical centers, specialty
    practices, primary care and urgent care locations
  • Despite the pandemic, HonorHealth has built momentum in physician alignment, employee engagement, quality and technology, financial performance and growth.

Download the Greatest Needs Fund Impact Report (PDF format)