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HonorHealth CVCOE Impact Report | HonorHealth Heart Care

Your generosity expands our ability to provide cutting-edge cardiovascular care

Every patient’s experience with HonorHealth is enhanced through philanthropy. Because of you, the HonorHealth Heart Care does more than relieve the suffering of those with heart disease.

Your whole-hearted gift ensures the expansion of vital services for you, the people you love... and countless others!

Your visionary investment is shaping the future of medicine. Your gift provided the HonorHealth Heart Care team with the resources needed to save, enhance and change the lives of our patients and their loving families, here in our community and around the world.

Philanthropy makes this and so much more possible. YOU make a difference when and where it’s needed most.

And for that, we thank you!

Download the HonorHealth Heart Care Impact Report (PDF format)
HonorHealth Foundation - 2024 Impact Report - Heart Care 

DAVID G. RIZIK, MD"Innovation has enabled us to replace many open chest, open heart surgeries with interventional techniques. It requires an investment in the right team, the right technology, the right environment, but we believe the next quantum leap forward in cardiovascular care could originate right here at HonorHealth." 

FACC Chief, Complex Interventional Cardiology
HonorHealth Cardiovascular Center of Excellence

HonorHealth Foundation - 2024 Impact Report - Heart Care holding handsMaking great care possible is just the start!

A renowned center of excellence requires continued investment in expertise, infrastructure, services and technology.

Those investments are beginning to take shape at the HonorHealth Shea Medical Heart Care Center. The first-floor build-out is scheduled to be completed in late fall 2024, with work continuing on the second floor through 2025.

Through your generosity we’re creating the future of comprehensive, collaborative, cutting-edge cardiovascular care.

First floor lobby & reception
The Cardiovascular Center of Excellence welcomes patients, families and the public. Its features declare that this is a place that supports healthy living and heart care education, including:

  • A juice bar and café, with healthy food choices, including anti-inflammatory and heart-healthy options
  • Patient registration for visits or procedures
  • Patio and outdoor space for respite, fresh air or contemplation
  • A heart care education center
  • Blood pressure self-monitoring station
  • Digital monitor with educational and wellness messages

Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)
Also on the first floor, this expansive area adds three new cardiac catheterization labs featuring state-of-the-art technology. The ASC offers all the expertise and resources of an inpatient hospital with the convenience and efficiency of an outpatient surgery center. In the unlikely event of an emergency, the patient is close to the Emergency Department and Cardiac ICU, with all the expertise that may be needed.

Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)
This second-floor step-down unit is for patients who require observation and care but do not require intensive care.

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)
For our patients who have acute heart problems, many with multiple complications that require around-the-clock, highly specialized supervision, the CICU assembles the talent and technology to provide the highest level of care available.

Because of you

Valley residents Michael and Barbara will tell you their recent 60th wedding anniversary celebration was made possible in part by cardiovascular surgeon Robert Riley, MD, and all the HonorHealth medical staff involved in Michael’s healing journey.

Six years ago, Michael’s doctor, Jati Daas, MD, performed an endoscopy and noticed a condition that needed immediate attention. Dr. Riley was at the Shea Medical Center that day and agreed to review the test results with Michael and Barbara right away. After a family conversation with their children, Michael followed Dr. Riley’s advice and immediately scheduled open heart surgery. A procedure that saved his life.

“Dr. Riley is loving, caring and so supportive,” remarked Barbara. “He exudes confidence and even offered to call our children to answer their questions! We knew immediately after talking with him, he was the surgeon for us. He just made us feel very informed and calm.”

The care Michael and Barbara received made them grateful patients, but also transformed their relationship with HonorHealth into that of grateful annual donors supporting multiple programs including HonorHealth Heart Care.

“I was fortunate that my doctor caught the issue when it wasn’t obvious and insisted on further testing,” recalls Michael. “Obviously it snowballed into a positive outcome for me and my family, and the whole care I received from initial testing to post-op physical therapy saved my life.”

HonorHealth Foundation is grateful for outcomes like these, the patients who share their stories and the donors who partner with us to save more lives!

Your generosity enables HonorHealth Heart Care to:

  • Recruit top physicians and leading researchers across the many specialty areas of cardiovascular care
  • Provide the elite level of care our community deserves
  • Create lifesaving new programs, such as mechanical heart therapy and heart transplant services
  • Conduct groundbreaking studies to develop new treatment protocols

Download the HonorHealth Heart Care Impact Report (PDF format)