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HonorHealth Research InstituteImpact Report | HonorHealth Research Institute

Your gift accelerates breakthrough treatments

Because of you and your generous support of HonorHealth Research Institute, we are discovering new drugs, developing novel treatments and technologies and expanding scientific knowledge. All benefiting patients and families here in our community and around the world.

It’s your generosity that makes an immediate impact and helps create one of the nation’s foremost research organizations — embracing innovation to improve medicine and change the future. Hope lives here!

And for that, we thank you!

Download the HonorHealth Research Institute Impact Report (PDF format)
HonorHealth Research Institute Impact Report 

Mark Slater, PhD“The mission of HonorHealth Research Institute is to bring tomorrow’s cures to our community and world, today. The future is bright and made possible by generous philanthropic support that funds research and community outreach. With your continued support, our scientists and physicians can uncover innovative new strategies and offer hope when often there is none.”

Chief Executive Officer
HonorHealth Research Institute


HonorHealth Research InstituteOne act, exponential impact!

Every patient and family’s experience with HonorHealth is enhanced because of philanthropy.

Because of the generosity of donors like you, HonorHealth Research Institute’s renowned physician-scientists offer new hope to patients with rare, recurring or diffi cult to treat conditions.

In 2022, HonorHealth Research Institute impacted the value and quality of patient care by accelerating innovation, while seamlessly integrating the latest science, including:

  • 215 Active Clinical Studies
  • 48 New Clinical Studies Opened
  • 71 Subjects Enrolled in Clinical Studies
  • 118 Active Investigators and Physicians
  • 6 FDA Approvals
  • 104 Research Publications

Ron BrightYour generosity in action

Ron Bright, a warm, wonderful man and cardiovascular research patient, had chronic congestive heart failure as well as other diagnoses. After rigorous testing, Ron ultimately
qualified for a study by Dr. Thomas Mattioni in 2018.

On November 11, 2022, Ron made his last public speech at the Inaugural HonorHealth Research Institute Symposium. He passed away peacefully on December 3, 2022, with his wife, Donna by his side. Donna shared that it meant the world to him that he could give back by thanking the researchers inperson at the Symposium.

“My hope is that my participation will expand medical knowledge and improve the human condition. I was delighted to be invited here today because it gave me the opportunity to publicly express my gratitude to the doctors and medical professionals of HonorHealth Research Institute whose knowledge, skills and personal commitment to the patients are first class in every way. I thank you for your care,” Ron said with gratitude.

Download the HonorHealth Research Institute Impact Report (PDF format)