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Generations of Generosity: Farley family legacy of giving drives advances in heart care at HonorHealth

Farley FamilyScottsdale, Ariz. — A $6 million gift by the Farley Family Charitable Foundation will standardize high-tech cardiodiagnostic equipment across the HonorHealth system and support expansion of the HonorHealth Cardiovascular Center of Excellence.

“This gift is truly remarkable, as a new generation upholds an 18-year legacy of investment in HonorHealth, started by Jim and Nancy Farley,” notes Jared Langkilde, president and CEO of HonorHealth Foundation. Following the passing of their parents, the Farley children have continued to invest in HonorHealth through their family foundation.

“It’s appropriate that our largest single charitable commitment ever is to HonorHealth Foundation,” says Stuart Farley. “Our parents first recognized the opportunity to contribute to the quality of healthcare in Arizona and taught us the joy in giving back. We are proud to continue supporting the work that was so important to them.”

With this $6 million gift, the Farley Family Charitable Foundation enables HonorHealth to install standardized echocardiogram technology across the six-hospital system. With identical ECHO machines at each HonorHealth medical center, employees can step in confidently at any location. This cross-training provides valuable flexibility as hospitals deal with a shortage of healthcare workers.

“This generous investment does more than bring new equipment,” notes Dr. Robert Burke, director, Noninvasive Cardiodiagnostics at HonorHealth. “Electrocardiograms often give us the first insight into a heart patient’s condition. An accurate diagnosis facilitates better treatment, so every HonorHealth cardiovascular patient receive optimal care.”

In addition to advancing individual care, aggregated data from all HonorHealth medical centers supports continuous improvements in care and guides future expansion, supporting better community health.

“Such a significant investment in the HonorHealth Cardiovascular Center of Excellence helps us move forward more quickly,” adds Dr. Burke. “It supports advancements in patient care, physician recruitment and community reputation. We are very grateful to the Farley Family Charitable Foundation.”

Learn more about the Farley family and their gift to support heart care.