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April 2024

This time of year is special. The weather warms us and the desert is blooming, reminding us again about the renewal and rebirth that happens in nature every year. It also happens with us and our community. In great part, because of you.

Your generosity continues to uplift and transform lives, bringing hope to those in need and healing to our community. Together, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals, providing vital resources, support and care where it is needed most. Your commitment to our shared values of compassion, integrity and service inspires us all to strive for excellence and to reach even greater heights in our mission to enhance the health and well-being of our community.

As we gather with loved ones to celebrate Passover and Easter, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude for your unwavering support, kindness and dedication to the mission of HonorHealth Foundation.

As we reflect on the significance of these holidays of liberation and renewal, let us reaffirm our collective commitment to serve others with compassion and generosity. May this spirit of renewal fill your hearts with joy, peace and purpose, today and always.

With sincere appreciation and warmest wishes,

Jared A. Langkilde, MBA, CFRE
President & CEO


PiA - March 2024 - Donor Spotlight

Grateful patient honors medical team with philanthropic gift

The cancer journey requires exceptional resilience and care. When patient Tee reached out to the HonorHealth Foundation about planning a surprise “thank you” event for his infusion care team at the HonorHealth Research Institute, our hearts were nourished. What an honor for the team.

“Cancer treatment is pretty serious business, but the HonorHealth team is so knowledgeable and so caring. I can call them by name now, and they are exceptional. The consistency of care is remarkable,” said Tee, who along with his family has this year given three charitable gifts to HonorHealth in recognition of exceptional care.

One gift honored Daniel Von Hoff, M.D., the Virginia G. Piper Distinguished Chair for Innovative Cancer Research at the Research Institute. As a grateful patient, Tee reflected on his experience with Dr. Von Hoff: “There is a reason why so many are here for their cancer treatment. He is a remarkable person. He’s left a legacy of remarkability.”

At the surprise “thank you” event for the Institute staff, Tee expressed his profound gratitude, prompting Erkut Borazanci, M.D., M.S. director of the Cancer Research Division, to remark, “One of the things that makes the Research Institute unique is our collaborative approach, what we call an ‘institute without walls.’” 

Mark A. Slater, Ph.D., the Institute’s Chief Executive Officer, thanked the donors and praised the staff for providing innovative clinical trials and care to patients from all 50 states and 30 countries: “The vision of HonorHealth Research Institute is to be the partner of choice to accelerate breakthrough health innovations that inspire hope for our community and world.”

Michael S. Gordon, M.D., the Institute’s Chief Medical Officer, added. “Research has produced tangible impact, leading to patients living longer and better through innovations that advance medical science and provide options.”  

Tee reflected: “I think if you’re fortunate to be able to give money, whatever the amount, it is so important to give back to life and to others. And HonorHealth made it easy to do that. Life is about teamwork. We stand on each other’s shoulders, lift each other up. Philanthropy allows us to help others progress and for me, it is part of the healing process. My philosophy is that I want to be responsibly philanthropic when I can, giving how I can.”

Tee is now retired and enjoys spending time with his wife, Shellie, and his sister, Barb, and her family when they visit Arizona.


Donor Tribute

Bob Bové
September 4, 1941 – March 19, 2024

Today we pay tribute to a remarkable soul whose philanthropic spirit illuminated the lives of thousands and transformed the landscape of healthcare in our community. With heavy hearts, we bid farewell to Mr. Bob Bové, a visionary whose generosity knew no bounds.

Bob’s journey was one of resilience, perseverance and profound generosity. From his early successes as an astute business leader to his unwavering commitment to giving back, his life was a testament to the power of compassion and foresight.

Bob’s heart of faith and goodwill radiated throughout our community, touching the lives of children, the homeless, transplant patients, and countless others in need. His journey with HonorHealth began in 2009 with a humble gift to the Osborn campus. Over the years, his involvement and generosity blossomed, fueled by gratitude and a deep sense of purpose.

In 2020, Bob made a transformative commitment to create the Bob Bové Neuroscience Institute, a beacon of hope for patients and families which is advancing care and paving the way for groundbreaking innovations in the neurosciences. And most recently, his unparalleled generosity shines through his commitment to support wellness at the new HonorHealth Pima facility which will be named the Bob Bové Wellness Pavilion.

As Bob’s gift officer Ashleigh Leite reflected, “To have had the honor of working alongside Bob Bové was a privilege beyond measure. His kindness, generosity and unwavering commitment to making the world a better place will forever inspire us all.”

In gratitude and remembrance, we bid farewell to a true visionary, a beloved friend and a philanthropic giant who left the world a better place for his community.

PiA - A Patient's Story

Leading-edge spinal disc implant helps firefighter

Two years ago, Dustin F., now 39, a firefighter-paramedic for the Phoenix Fire Department, was flipping a heavy water hose off a firetruck during a training exercise. As he completed a twisting motion, he suddenly felt pain in his upper back.

“I felt a little stinger, and I thought it was just a pulled muscle,” says Dustin, who didn’t worry too much about it at first. “Our job inherently comes with some expectation of pain. We encourage our members to know the difference between being hurt and being injured. Unfortunately, I just thought I was hurt and could push through it, not understanding the severity of my situation.”

The 18-year veteran firefighter had previously worked in Apache Junction, and in wildland firefighting across the west, from California to Montana. “I didn’t realize how badly I was injured,” Dustin adds. “I just sucked it up.”

Dustin’s symptoms continue to worsen

Throughout the next few days and weeks, his back muscles began to cramp and spasm. Dustin tried steroid injections. “It just kept getting worse,” he explains. “It went from stinging and feeling a little uncomfortable to a really deep burn.”

Soon after, the 5-ft. 7-in., 185-pound firefighter lost strength in his right arm. Dustin could barely lift a cup of coffee; couldn’t even grip his helmet or a broom. He remembers standing in a hallway of the fire station, crying from the pain.

Another firefighter, sensing his distress, suggested Dustin consider seeing a specialist affiliated with the Neuroscience Research Division at the HonorHealth Research Institute.

An MRI revealed Dustin had a severe spinal disc herniation, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was difficult to get an appointment or schedule surgery.

Finding a new option for treatment

Luis M. Tumialán, MD, a former US Navy officer, a spinal neurosurgeon and an independent member of the HonorHealth Medical Staff, took up Dustin’s case and — as part of a clinical trial — implanted an experimental “Synergy” disc in Dustin’s spine where the neck meets the shoulders. Dr. Tumialán is the principal investigator supervising the clinical trial, and also the Institute’s neurosurgery research director.

Dustin had seen other firefighters get their spines fused, resulting in limited mobility. The experimental disc he received provides him with flexibility left and right, forward and backward. And it was done on an outpatient basis, all in one day.

“I’m doing really good now,” shares Dustin, who still sees Dr. Tumialán for annual checkups. “The doctor made all the difference. He listens. He genuinely cares, otherwise he wouldn’t have fit me in between other patients. He’s clearly very good at what he does.”

The support of our community through philanthropic gifts enables the Research Institute and the Bob Bové Neurosciences Institute to provide innovative programs and this level of comprehensive care – thank you for your generosity.

PiA - Events Roundup

April Food DriveApril Food Day Springtime Drive

GIVE WHAT YOU CAN! Kicking off on April Food Day (April 1), HonorHealth Foundation and BOK Financial have partnered to fight hunger by raising funds and food throughout the month of April to benefit Desert Mission Food Bank.

One in six adults in the U.S. depends on food banks, and demand is increasing due to inflation and fewer donations. The community is encouraged to drop off cans and non-perishable food at Desert Mission Food Bank or one of four BOK Financial Valley Locations. All cash donations will be matched by BOK Financial up to $20,000.

Thank you for your support!

NICU Boutiques and BingoNICU Boutiques and Bingo

Gather your Mom and friends for a ladies' night out at the annual HonorHealth Foundation NICU Boutiques & Bingo benefiting the NICU at Scottsdale Shea Medical Center. This event combines unique shopping with an evening of fun Bingo competition, heavy appetizers, desserts and adult beverages.

Registration is $60 per person. Tickets are limited, so don't wait, register today!

Thursday, May 2
HonorHealth Shea Medical Center
Brady Conference Center

AZ Tax Credit

AZ Tax Credit

There is still time left to make your donation to HonorHealth Desert Mission and receive your gift back as a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona state taxes. The deadline to make your gift for the 2023 Arizona Charitable Tax Credit is April 15. 

Click here to learn more and make your gift to help feed the hungry, care for the elderly, and educate the young. Thank you for helping us serve the vulnerable in our community!

Make an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit donation today!