b'HonorHealth Research Institute has evolved intothe pre-eminent regional multi-pronged powerhouse activate initiatives of early phase clinical research and care.HonorHealth Research Instituteand HonorHealth Heart CareContributions from all corners of our community helped fund construction to create one of the leading destinations for comprehensive heart care in the country. As the HonorHealth cardiovascular team partners with the Research Institute, they are advancing new technologies and treatment options:ACUTUS heart mapping, a highly specialized device pinpoints the source of atrial fibrillation for precise intervention. J-Valve for aortic regurgitation, an alternative to open-heart surgery for leaky aortic valve. HonorHealth was one of onlytwo hospitals in the country to introducethe procedure. Dual chamber leadless pacemaker helps patients with abnormal or slow heart rhythms.New Options forA traditional pacemaker is implanted on the chest wall and connected to the heart by Heart Patients wires. This new system is a much smaller, self-contained unit that automatically delivers an Your generosity in 2023 fueled innovative breakthroughs,electrical pulse when needed.enabling HonorHealth Research Institute to deployAI-powered heart imaging, an ultrasound promising new technologies and techniquesoftenimaging console based on next generation for the first time in the worldto provide patients withacoustic technologies that enable never-remarkable opportunities for longer, high-quality survival.before-seen detail during examinations. The A growing number of these patients suffer from complexsystems AI software uses advanced algorithms heart conditions. and an expert database of real clinical cases High-tech is at the heart of HonorHealth Heart Care butto recognize anatomical patterns and perform the high cost of acquiring a special technology that mayautomated measurements.only be used by a few patients each year prevents many hospitals from making the investment. In the final year of a three-year, $45 million FoundationScan to learn more about campaign to support the expansion of HonorHealth Heartthe exciting achievements at Cares cardiovascular center of excellence, HonorHealthHonorHealth Research Institute. proved why philanthropic support for cardiovascular careRead their 2023 annual report, and research are good investments. Better Together.HonorHealth Foundation 9'