b'Nursing Excellence Endowment After being introduced Nurses are the backbone of the medicalto HonorHealth upon community, and HonorHealth nurses alreadymoving to the area we are prove they are at the top of their profession with five of our six medical centers holdingvery impressed with the Magnet status, the gold standard for nursing care. Our newest hospital, Sonoran Crossing, many outreach programs is just now eligible to join the Magnet journey. Currently, just nine percent of all hospitalsHonorHealth is involved in the US are designated Magnet. Thisin from scholarships to prestigious honor is administered by the American Nurses Credentialing Centerresearch to healthcare. (ANCC) and is recognized worldwide as the designation of excellence in healthcare,We feel it is important to specifically nursing.support the community we To support their vital role in ensuring exceptional healthcare in a changinglive in and HonorHealth landscape, the Foundation and HonorHealth nursing leadership created the Nursingprovides so much for the Excellence Endowment.community. It feels like a This endowed fund will provide our exceptional nurses with leading-edgeperfect fit for us.educational opportunities and the resources they need to deliver patients and ourJEFF AND MARGIE ROBBERSONcommunity the very best care. HONORHEALTH228500 REPRESENTS SCHOLARSHIPSNEW GRADUATE5 OF 11 TOTALING $120,000NURSES ONBOARDED MAGNET HOSPITALSFOR CERTIFICATION, IN ARIZONA CONFERENCES, EDUCATIONAND TRAININGHonorHealth Foundationtion 13'