b'BLUE ZONES: A MODEL TO LIVE LONGER, HEALTHIER LIVESIn collaboration with the city ofIn 2023, the city of ScottsdaleAs the largest employer Scottsdale, HonorHealth announced aunderwent an assessment that sweeping initiative to improve healthshowed us the potential for workingand healthcare provider outcomes, reduce healthcare coststogether toward this vision: in Scottsdale, we are and create overall greater well-being $183.6M in projected medical in our community.committed to improving costs savings The Blue Zones Scottsdale Projectthe health and well-being involves the entire community working $318.3M reduction in lost together toward one common goal workforce productivity of everyone in Scottsdale to transform the environments where $226 average per capita medicaland throughout the people live, work, learn and play tosavings in our adult populationmeasurably improve community well- Valley, and that means being, resilience and economic vitality.$104.5M in direct and indirectexpanding our efforts benefits to the regional economyWhat is Blue Zones? In 2004, founderoutside hospital walls. Dan Buettner teamed with NationalThe Blue Zones Scottsdale Geographic, the National InstituteProject aligns with HonorHealthsNow is the time to act to on Aging and the worlds leadingcommitment to be more than a hospitalto influence andimprove the well-being longevity researchers to identify pockets around the world whereimprove overall well-being for ourof the communities we people lived measurably better, longercommunity. We are grateful to our lives. Insights from that study providedpartners in this vision and for yourserve, and this Blue Zones a model for sustainable, long-termsupport of this multi-year effort. Project will help us build a environmental changes that strengthen social ties, enhance surroundings andsustainable future. sharpen living policies. TODD LAPORTE, CEO HONORHEALTH$ 5.03 2 ST1MILLION MAJOR PARTNERS, GOODWILL OF CENTRALBLUE ZONES IN PHILANTHROPICPROJECT IN SUPPORT* AND NORTHERNARIZONAARIZONA AND CIGNA HEALTHCARE* Includes cash, pledges andestate commitments HonorHealth Foundationtion 17'