b'When someone receives exceptional care, it feels good to express gratitude. A nurses special care touches If you or a loved one have been a patient,three family membersthe very act of recognizing your care team creates a sense of meaning, closure andMy brother unexpectedly passed away in your ICU at even contributes to healing. We are gratefulShea. He was a big-hearted man and one of my best to know that HonorHealth care and caringfriends. I often think through his final days and hope thattouches people so deeply.I told him enough times how much I love him, and did Now, patients and families have a new waywhat I could to help his passing. to stand up and cheer for their HonorHealthWe were incredibly fortunate to have John R. as our ICU care teamOvation, the Foundationsnurse. I was so distraught, so confused and so afraid of grateful patient program. A gift in tribute tomaking a bad decision for my brother. John was always your physician or nurse not only holds deepsteady, patient, constantly monitoring my brother while meaning for the HonorHealth team, butcompassionately guiding us through what was ultimately advances care available for the next patient.going to end with my brothers death.Your Ovation donation can support theThe other part of our story is that my mother is a heart HonorHealth program of your choice. Oncefailure patient and was admitted a few days before my we receive your tax-deductible tribute gift,brother. It was so surreal when I had to walk from my we share the good news and your kindbrothers room in the ICU to moms room to tell her that comments with the recipient, completing aher son was down the hall and not going to survive. John circle of care.R. was incredibly gentle and kind to my mother. She visited my brother several times and we held his hand when he passed. The next morning Mom told me that John R. had visited, sitting with her a bit, telling mom that he did everything he could for my brother. I am sure he knows how important his exceptional nursing skills are, but how he touched our lives as a person is the Learn more and leave your motivation behind me writing you. His hard work and Ovation tribute online at: dedication to my brother was admirable, the strength and HonorHealthFoundation.org/Ovation steadfast reassurance he gave to me was exactly what I needed, and the compassion and kindness he showed to my mother still brings me to tears. It has been almost 6 months now and I still do not have enough words to thank John for what he did for me and my family. I can simply say thank you, I will forever be grateful, and I will remember you always.Brenda K.HonorHealth Foundation 33'