b'2023 DISTRIBUTIONSTO HONORHEALTHPROGRAM SUPPORTTOTAL $9,420,084CAPITAL DISTRIBUTIONS SUPPORT$24,328,537 $14,908,453HONORHEALTH FOUNDATION FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023Total Revenue$33,605,538Program Expenses$27,004,437*HonorHealth Support$10,000,000Administrative Expenses$4,215,879Fundraising Expenses$5,433,895Total Expenses$9,649,774Ending Net Assets$313,312,536*HonorHealth system funds all staff and operating expenses.100% of every dollar raised is directed to its stated donor intended purpose. No donor funds were used to produce this report . The Foundation audit for 2022 was consolidated with the HonorHealth audit and was completed with no management letter comments and no audit differences. For a link to the Foundations most recent IRS Form 990, please visit our website at HonorHealthFoundationg.org/financialtransparency40 HonorHealth Foundation'