b'DONATIONS COME INMANY DIFFERENT WAYSIt starts with a gift, which mightUnrestricted be cash, stock or real estate.Unrestricted gifts may beBalanceOr it could be a deferredused immediately to meet$82,162,774bequest designated in yourHonorHealth needs.estate plan or a Charitable Gift+Annuity (CGA). In-kind gifts of technology, equipment or usable goods offset costs.Restricted gifts are heldRestricted in an investment accountBalanceWhere do the gifts go? Youto be released to the$41,556,104choose the program you wishHonorHealth department to support and the financialor program as designated mechanism that works best forby the donor. +you. As always, 100 percent of every gift goes directly to theEndowed program you designate.BalanceEndowed funds are heldin an investment account, $176,252,046to grow via interest earned, for a future purpose. The Board of Trustees establishes the annual spend rate (from 3 to 5%). This investment incomeI NVE S TM E NT GE NE ROUSsupports the donorsPE R FOR MAN CE SUPPORTE RS designated program.tell us what type of gift YearRate of Return0%they wish to make:201920.73%202015.54%202113.37%2022-14.42%202314.07%2023 TOTAL INVESTMENTS Investment note: HonorHealth Foundations investment portfolio is managed by Merrill Lynch under the direction of the Board of Trustees.$299,970,924The portfolios objective is to achieve a total return sufficient, on average, to maintain the purchasing power of the Foundation and provide stability for the portfolio over time to support HonorHealth needs.HonorHealth Foundation 39'