b'Valley couple pays it forward with gift to the Greatest Needs Fund Rocky and Virginia Saunders have an enthusiasmSo many people donate to specific areas, for life and an attitude of gratitude that runs deepbut our vision was to make it possible for the through their hearts. Gratitude for friends, for healthhospital to use the money where it is urgently and for the ability to give back.needed, explains Virginia. We wanted our With careers that took them to live in California,impact to be where it is needed most, in the Washington and New York, they decided to returnmoment, even if that isnt always the most and retire to the Valley in 2008. In a bittersweetglamorous. experience, Rocky became acquainted withAs a volunteer, Rocky sees what the staff does HonorHealth by way of medical necessity. for patients every day, as well as the warm However, that experience helped nurture an and special culture there. This reinforced their 11-year partnership as a volunteer at HonorHealthdecision to support the Greatest Needs Fund. Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center.You truly feel cared for at HonorHealth, and its I take care of the front desk and work with a lot apparent the staff working with you really want of people coming into the hospital to answer all theiryou to heal and get better, Virginia says. And questions and any concerns about navigating theirthat is so important to the patientto know experience there, explains Rocky. I love it. Virginiathey are invested in their health.and I have also made great friendships throughmy time at Thompson Peak. Recently, Virginia and Rocky also became donors with an inspirational gift to the Greatest Needs Fund, which helps HonorHealth respond quickly to urgent needs and take advantage of new opportunities. 16 HonorHealth Foundation'