b'With greater attention on lifetime health andwell-being, HonorHealth is expanding its Sports Medicine Program to include injury prevention, and overall health that not only apply to professionals but are equally useful active interests to the everyday athlete.Fitness, Nutrition and Sports MedicineSports Medicine training saves high school senior For a brief moment after a player collapsed during football practice at Scottsdales Coronado High School, everyone froze in shocked silence. Construction continues on the HonorHealth MedicalBut in mere moments, the coaching staff Campus at Pima Center, future home to expanded sportsapplied the emergency training they medicine, nutrition, physical therapy, bariatrics and otherlearned from Tessa Powell, HonorHealths preventive services.Head Athletic Trainer assigned to the By bringing these services together under one roof, theschool.campus will create an environment that is a focal point forCoaches quickly confirmed the student the community to improve and maintain overall health,was in cardiac arrest and started CPR. announced Todd LaPorte, CEO of HonorHealth, at theOthers called 9-1-1.centers groundbreaking ceremony. They did everything right. But without an Even prior to opening, philanthropic gifts to sportsAutomated External Defibrillator (AED) on medicine enabled HonorHealth to launch school-basedthe field or even nearby, the responsibility care for athletes that goes beyond just fitness. It hasfor keeping the student alive through CPR already saved lives! fell to the coaches. HonorHealth is leading an initiative to improve AED accessibility in schools, One life lost is one toostarting with the Scottsdale Unified School many. Your gift can sponsor: District. Your support can make a significantAEDs for community impact on our ability to provide these life-high schools saving devices to ensure a swift response to Preventive cardiacthese increasing life-threatening situations screenings, which requireon our childrens sports fields.portable EKG machines This story has a happy ending. EMS Preseason sports examscrews arrived quickly and took over. and clinics Doctors diagnosed an underlying heart Flagship Concussion Cliniccondition, which the student athlete isat Pima Center now managing.HonorHealth Foundation 31'