b'accomplished influencersHonorHealth Foundation leaders serve with a passionfor improving health andwell-being in our community. A M E S SAG E F RO M O U R B OA R D C H A I RWhat a pleasure and honor it has been to lead the Board of Trustees over the past year. As we meet to govern the Foundations progress, each Trustee brings his or her considerable talents, new ideas and a generous spirit to OUR VISIONthe table.To set the standard for excellenceMany of our Trustees have had their own health needs in relationship-based fundraising taken care of at HonorHealth, and we understand how vital it is to have a comprehensive, patient-centered hospital system ready to serve the needs of our community. These personal experiences have helped us OUR MISSIONserve as effective ambassadors for the Foundation.To strengthen the mission of Thanks to our entire board and all our generous HonorHealth through philanthropy supporters, 2023 was a record-breaking year for HonorHealth Foundation. Not only did we far exceedour $40 million goal, we raised $62.2 million in giftsand commitments!! Congratulations to our Foundation All-Stars, all 48 team members, who made this happen!!!A big thank you to our donors. Your investment has helped advance the professional development of our expert nursing staff, expand the boundaries of clinical research, support patients without the resources to return to good health, serve the most vulnerable in our community and so much more. We are incredibly grateful for your generosity.With respect and gratitude, Laurie Florkiewicz Chair, Board of Trustees, 2022-242 HonorHealth Foundation'