b'TwoThen in late May 2021, the very words he had delivered to his patients were words he was hearing with a new perspective.perspectives.You have pancreatic cancer.One goal. Some people use the word ironic to describe one of the worlds leading oncology researchers diagnosed with the very disease he has spent his career fighting on behalf of his patients. Dr. Gordon didnt waste time thinking about that or wondering Why me?With his knowledge and circle of colleagues, he had access to the latest research, clinical trials, and expert advice in the country. So, he went to work. It started with three months of combination chemotherapy developed at the Research Institute, which has now become the standard of care in the National Comprehensive Cancer NetworkIts a complex guidelines.Dr. Gordon was a model patient, evenissue to move following recommendations for a restrictive ketogenic diet that earlyforward in this studies indicated could be helpful in his situation.world as both One of the most powerful moments he experienced was waiting for his post- the doctor and a surgical pathology report.You begin to understand the impact ofcancer survivor.every minute, every hour, every day of waiting for those results. Its very differentMICHAEL S. GORDON, MDas a patient than it is as a doctor. WhenChief Medical Officer, Dr. Gordon received the good newsHonorHealth Research Institutethat there was no evidence of cancer, he embraced it fully, from both perspectives. I consider myself now to be a survivor, he said recently. It changes you in so many ways, but it is something that I would never want to lose, because it has impacted me in such a dramatic way.HonorHealth Foundation11'