b'2022Revenue2022FINANCIALhighlightsCASH ANDPLEDGESGenerous donors are creating the$30,374,196healthcare system they want for our community through their gifts to HonorHealth Foundation.Your support allows HonorHealth to advance technology, meet community needs and push the boundaries of medical knowledge.CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES $1,601,659 BEQUEST COMMITMENTS$3,360,003 DONOR STATSIN-KIND GIFTS2022 DONOR COUNT5,568 $1,029,479AVERAGE GIFT AMOUNT $6,531ANNUAL DONOR RETENTION RATE 51% TOTAL REVENUE$36,365,337Return on Investment for Production Revenue: $6.47 vs. $5.76 average in the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy 2022 Report on Giving46HonorHealth Foundation'