b"ENDOWMENTSESTABLISHED IN 2022 By establishing an endowment with HonorHealth Foundation, our supporters power the HonorHealth2022 TOTAL DISTRIBUTIONSmission for years to come and establish a personal legacy of lifesaving care. TO HONORHEALTH Robert and Gail Auslander Neuroscience Institute$37,805,003 Patient Assistance Fund Khalpey Artificial Intelligence LabChristine and David J. Watson CAPITAL Healthcare Heroes Endowment EXPENSE$23,635,796 HonorHealth Dependent College Scholarship Endowment HonorHealth Employee Benefits:aBehavioral Health PROGRAM aAdoption Support EXPENSEaInfertility treatment $12,611,883Rex and Margie Porter EndowmentUNRESTRICTED$1,557,324I N V E S T M E N T P E R F O R M A N C E YearRate of Return0% SAMPLE PROGRAMS SUPPORTED THROUGH PHILANTHROPY IN 2022201713.40% Grant Funding toVarious Programs $2,346,9712018-6.02% Oncology$1,267,193 201920.73% Research Institute $4,046,400 202015.54% Education and Scholarships $780,551 Heart and Vascular $15,050,447202113.37%Military Partnership, 2022-14.42% K-9 Security Teams& Bioskills Lab $1,195,125 Desert Mission$679,797Learn more about endowments and HonorHealth Foundation's endowmentThe Foundation audit for 2022 was history online. consolidated with the HonorHealth audit and was completed with no management letter comments and no audit differences.48HonorHealth Foundation"