b'HonorHealth Military PartnershipHands-on training for our military medical teams and first-respondersHonorHealth is the only community-based hospital in the country to provideTraining encompassesrealistic, high-quality trauma medical training to military nurses and medicsReal-life experience during as well as local first responders. This unique program relies entirely on theclinical rotations, at our six generosity of donors and those who answer the call for support are savinghospitals, including Level Ilives both on the battlefield and at home. Trauma Centers Simulation training rooms, Imagine serving in a military fieldincluding one set up as a hospital thousands of miles frombattlefield medical aid station, with life-like human patient simulators Many dont realizehome, charged with caring for yourcalled manikinsbrothers and sisters in arms who how valuable thishave been traumatically wounded.Exposure to burn trauma Back home you were an officemanagement through a Valley training is butworker; here you are a field medic. burn centerthose of us whoThe transition to trauma care isRealistic helicopter rescue training aboard a Black Hawk more difficult than imagined, and recognize it arewhen every second counts, anyhelicopter simulator (pictured above), fully outfitted with medical delay or confusion can lead to poor very appreciative.outcomes for the injured, evensupplies and equipmentThese skills WILLdeath. Your support of HonorHealths Military Partnership program The cost per person trained is save lives. about $3,000, but because of ourfulfills this vital need for both military personnel and local first MILITARY PARTNERSHIPgenerous community, the programresponders to maintain their PARTICIPANT , 2022 is offered at no cost to the militarycertifications and stay on top of and first-responder participants. evolving treatment protocols.16HonorHealth Foundation'