b'HonorHealthK-9 Security ProgramAlways prepared to protect and to serveWith the protection of ever-watchful K-9 security officers and their handlers, HonorHealth patients, staff and families can feel safe at all times of the day or night. Highly trained and round-the-clock officers are a critical asset at our hospital campuses.HonorHealths K-9 Security Program has grown to include 15 K-9 officers and handlers. And theyplay an increasingly vital role in ensuring that medical campuses can continue to operate safely and peacefully.ABIGAIL WAS ANXIOUS ABOUT HER Our highly trained K-9 teams provide notSURGERY. A VISIT FROM K-9 GENERAL only peace of mind and protection, but also big smiles as they interact daily withSOOTHED HER NERVES AND FOCUSED patients, family members and staff. MarcanatoHER ATTENTION ON GIVING NECK describes a typical interacation: SCRATCHES. EVERYONE WINS!A K-9 security team is briefly stopped while patrolling an HonorHealth medical center.There isnt a day that A smiling child wants to pet the dog. A few minutes later, a nurse hints that her patientgoes by without a who loves dogs could use a special visit from a furry friend.Enough saidoff goes the K-9department calling team to make a patients day brighter! upon a K-9 officer to Foundation donors have played a key role in this programs success. Beyondhelp the nursing staff the considerable cost of acquiring such specialized breeds, philanthropy also ensuresdecompress from optimal training, nutrition, veterinary care, toys and equipment. Your generosity ensuresextremely stressful each extensively trained K-9 team is ready to respond whenever theyre needed. situations in the ER and ICU.JAMES MARCONATOK-9 Program Supervisor at HonorHealthHonorHealth Foundation17'