b'OUR VISION A Message from To set the standard for excellence inour Board Chairrelationship-based fundraisingThe thoughtful engagement and incredible generosity of our members make it a true privilege to lead the Foundations Board of Trustees. Each one has not only made their personal annual gift but has brought their expertise and connections to contribute to the Foundations success. We all know that theres something special about HonorHealth Foundation. If theres a need, we want to help as quickly as possible. Because when you give to HonorHealth, $100 feels like $1,000! The system deploys our donations quickly and you can see the impact on patients and staff almost immediately.OUR MISSION Along the way, weve built treasured To strengthen the mission of relationships with so many in this community who share our commitment to finding HonorHealth through philanthropy cures, saving lives and transforming healthcare. Thank you and I hope you enjoy learning more about how the Foundation is supporting the exceptional healthcare of HonorHealth.Warm regards,Laurie Florkiewicz Chair, Board of Trustees, 2022-242HonorHealth Foundation'