b'2022 EXPANSION HIGHLIGHTSYOUR GIFTS BRING INNOVATIVE CARE TO OUR PATIENTS2 new labs comprise theAlice and Charles W. PalmerRALPH AND MARY SELENSKYCardiovascular Specialty Suite,where 789 patients were able DOUBLY THANKFULto be treated without openheart surgery. FOR HONORHEALTHThe team performed 62radiofrequency ablation proceduresThrough their 59 years of marriage, the Selenskys and implanted 50 pacemakers to have faced everything together. Raising their two treat abnormal heart rhythms. daughters, leading active lives, pursuing their careers.Despite their health-centered lifestyle, Ralph suffered 26 cryoatrial fibrillation ablationa stroke and aneurism, requiring 20 days in intensive procedures restored normal heartcare and a brain shunt. While recovering, doctors rhythm by disabling the heart cells thatalso discovered he had a heart condition. Throughout create an irregular heartbeat. the next several years, Mary provided the loving care and support he required. Then her own health raised 72 Transcatheter Aortic Valvenew concerns for the couple: Type 2 diabetes, knee Replacement (TAVR) proceduresreplacement surgery and a rough bout of COVID.replaced dysfunctional or I had difficulty breathing during physical therapy for diseased aortic valves without my knee, recalls Mary. It didnt take long before I open-chest surgery. was admitted to hospital for a lung infection. But the news was even worse. Mary was in congestive heart failure. Her doctor referred her to Dr. Zain Khalpey of HonorHealths Heart and Lung Surgical Group, and Dr. David Rizik, Chief, Complex Interventional Cardiology, HonorHealth Cardiovascular Center of Excellence. The team agreed that a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) was the best course of action.Seeing his family name in so manyDr. Rizik told me You are a very sick woman, but I can locations celebrates the impact Curthelp you, and I believed him. Marys surgery was a and Jean have been able to make butsuccess. But that wasnt the end of their story.it also takes Curt back to his modest roots, where generosity was simple andAt one of Ralphs regular visits, his doctor recommended personal. And what he learned from hisan echocardiogram. The two couldnt believe it when parents, he hopes to teach to others. they were back in Dr. Riziks office and learned that Ralph, too, would need the TAVR procedure. I just think that if they see my name onAt least we got to do our cardiac rehab together, jokes a sign at HonorHealth, they might beMary, still sunny even after such a difficult year. Marys inspired to donate, too. daughter, who lovingly cares for her parents in her home also looks at the bright side. We honestly believe that the outcome reached would have been very different with any organization other than HonorHealth.HonorHealth Foundation7'