b'202 2-23 B OA R D O F TR U S TE E SOFFICERSLaurie A. Florkiewicz ChairCheryl Melocik Vice ChairSue Fletcher A Message from ourSecretaryJames E. Graber President & CEO TreasurerAs a community health system, HonorHealthDavid J. Watson exists to improve the many facets of healthImmediate Past Chairand well-being for those we serve. Never has that been more important. Or more challenging. TRUSTEE MEMBERSYour philanthropy is central to HonorHealthsTimothy W. Barton Alison McAdamability to advance innovative programsPaul Calderon Eliot A. Minskerand services and attract the highestSteven B. Crystal Shaheen Neilquality physicians. You make it happen. At HonorHealth Foundation, we simply serve asRichard R. Donnelley Michael G. Nicholasa bridge between changemakers who wantCarter Emerson Stephen J. ONeillto make an exponential impact on causes that align with their values and HonorHealthCurt R. Feuer John W. (Bill) Pihlexperts who are transforming healthcare toE. K. Gaylord II Nancy Harris Robertsonbe more personalized, more customized. Rodney Glassman Richard G. RussellSo, giving through HonorHealth FoundationMichael D. Greenbaum Scott Schirmermeans youre supporting more thanLangdon Herndon Jeffrey G. Schleingreat care. Your contributions save lives, improve community health, fuel medicalHoward C. Katz Jerre L. Steadbreakthroughs, drive innovative research andC. Dennis Knight Mary Joy Steadmuch more.Robert J. Lavinia Barbara SteinerThank you for your care and generosity. John C. Lucking Robert H. TomlinsonWith gratitude, Frederick A. Lynn Sally C. TryhusMurray Manaster Judith G. Wolf, PhDJared A. Langkilde, MBA, CFRE President & CEOHonorHealth Foundation3'