b'PRINCIPALGIFTS$1 million or greater (cumulative) $8,780,000 MAJOR 2022GIFTSFUNDS RAISEDBY$25,000 to $999,999(cumulative) GIFT TYPE CORPORATE $17,058,982 & EVENTS FUNDRAISING$3,465,212 PLANNEDGRANTSGIFTS $2,369,499 Includes Bequests& Charitable GiftAnnuities $3,360,003 ANNUAL GIFTS Up to $24,999 (calendar year)$1,331,641INVESTMENTS InvestmentENDOWMENT$154,029,495HonorHealth Foundations investmentportfolio is managed by Merrill Lynch under the direction of the Board of Trustees. TheActivity RESTRICTED$65,891,625portfolios objective is achieve a total return sufficient, on average, to maintain theby FundUNRESTRICTED$54,422,328purchasing power of the Foundation and provide for stability of the portfolio over time to support the HonorHealth network. TOTAL INVESTMENTS $274,343,448 HonorHealth Foundation47'