b'CURT & JEAN FEUERCelebratinga Heritageof GenerositySoon, the Curt & Jean Feuer Heart CareWhen Curt was looking to diversify his business, Pavilion will welcome patients to the expandedArizona captured his attention. Not long after HonorHealth Cardiovascular Center ofmoving his home base to the Valley in 1995, Excellence, to receive comprehensive, expertCurt had a boat on the water and was making care, all in one location. new friends in his new community. One of these friends, Joe Cattaneo, introduced him to Though Curt Feuer was raised with modestHonorHealth. Curt soon joined the Foundations Board of Trustees, where he enjoyed learning means, his parents practiced generosity andabout healthcare and being part of smart volunteerism in their Brooklyn home. Theexpansion of services to our community.lessons they modeled have continued unbrokenIm very impressed with HonorHealth, the as Curt and his dear wife Jean have generouslyquality of its physicians and the care they have supported the causes that mean the most tofor the community, Curt explains. Whenever them throughout their 55 years together. I was in a position to make a donation, I wanted to add our support. Philanthropy gives My first donation was to my sons school,HonorHealth a competitive edge.recalls Curt, who established his commercialQuite often, that support has included a naming real estate company in Wellesley, MA. As herecognition. Its a tradition that began with that built a successful business, Orsett Properties,first gift when his sons school unveiled the and raised two children, they expanded theirFeuer Foyer. Today, youll find the Feuer name philanthropic footprint to include healthcare,prominently displayed in the main entry lobbies of the Bob Bov Neuroscience Institute and education and community well-being. HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea.6HonorHealth Foundation'