b'Advanced Training:The HonorHealth EdgeGifts to the Greatest Needs Fund have supported advanced education and training for nurses, an investment that pays dividends for every patient. Katie, an HonorHealth critical care HonorHealthnurse, sent us this letter of thanks for supporting her CCRN.Greatest NeedsHonorHealth was the first hospital in Arizona to perform revolutionary, minimally invasive heart andI am one of the nursing supervisors lung surgery with DaVinci robots, acquired with theat the Thompson Peak Intensive Care support of your philanthropic gifts. Unit. I wanted to offer my sincere gratitude in the funding of my CCRN MEETING PATIENT NEEDS certification. This is a great honor and Excellent care requires medical intervention, ofaccomplishment, solidifying my skills course. But patients also need special considerationsand knowledge as a critical care nurse. and support customized to their condition. This mightI have a decade of critical care nursing experience including cardiac intensive include patient and family education so that homecare, emergency nursing at a level II care is more effective; comfort items that relievetrauma center, pediatric experience the inconvenience or side effects of treatment; orin the childrens ER, and procedural opportunities to gather with others who are facingnursing I have newly stepped into this the same journey. Insurance doesnt cover theserole of nursing supervisor at TPK after wrap-around services but through the generosityyears of bedside nursing in the ICU.of individuals and organizations in our community,The information learned throughout my HonorHealth is able to help. nursing journey and through preparation For example, patients with complex orthopedicfor my CCRN examination will encourage trauma are challenging to transport from the Traumacontinued growth as a nurse and a Center to their hospital room or for diagnostics. Theynursing leader in the years ahead. This may require total assistance due not only to theircertification demonstrates the skills, knowledge and education needed to injuries but often their cognitive state. become a successful critical care nurse Through donor generosity, the Deer Valley Traumaand fosters faith and trust in myself and Center was able to purchase an ortho combilizer,in my team to provide the best evidence-based care for our patients. I again want a multifunctional sit to stand chair specifically forto express my gratitude for the funding critically ill or injured patients.of this certification.HonorHealth Foundation13'